To learn more about the Hydra, take a few minutes to watch the short videos demonstration on our social media accounts in the top rights corner. To see how easy, it is to convert to a different calibers.


The HYDRA® MARCK-15 HYDRA is the most advanced Modular AR-15 on the planet! This Weapon System can adapt to multiple calibers without the use of any tools in just under two minutes per caliber. That’s right! One Weapon…Multiple Calibers!!! The idea of quickly changing calibers on one weapon’s platform almost doesn’t sound possible. At HYDRA WEAPONRY, the possibilities are endless and with so many calibers at your fingertips to choose from! The HYDRA® Conversion Packages will give you the option to pick and choose your favorite caliber for your Hydra.

U.S. State Department export license required for distribution of MGI products to foreign destinations or foreign persons, wherever located.
under the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“Itar”), 22 CFR §§120-130, MGI products may not be exported or transferred to any foreign person, foreign country or foreign entity, by any means, without prior written approval from the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and MGI Industries Inc.

50 Years of Innovative Weapons Development

Mack Gwinn Jr’s understanding of and appreciation for weapons began when he was a young Vietnam-era member of the Army’s Special
Forces recon team (RT). His small unit was frequently inserted by helicopter behind enemy lines where he and his men faced
enemy opposition of platoon, company, and even regimental strength.

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